Brit Fougner

I was diagnosed with ME in 2007 after only three months of illness. It was probably a year later that I read about LP. Hope!

I signed up. The price was 15 000 NOK + lunch.

There were several participants who came traveling and had paid for accommodation at the course location. I had mild/moderate degree at that time. My husband drove me to the course location and picked me up afterwards. We sat on the floor and moved around a bit. The course lasted for three days. At the end we had to fill out a form. It said ‘you do ME’. Do you want to continue doing ME? If you answered no? Great! Then you’re perfectly healthy.

Two of us protested and refused to sign. After the course I trotted around a bit in a square and was supposed to clear my head of wrong thoughts and let out “the healthy ones”. But it just got dumber and dumber. I said to myself: Oh, come on. This is just nonsense.

Despite this I signed up for a follow-up course, as kind of summary. A few hours, three perhaps, in the basement of LL. 1 000 NOK. Then I woke up properly. This really is nonsense. A form of quackery. Did I improve? No! Did I get worse? No!

I have slowly deteriorated over the years. Now I’m only able to walk a few steps. The pain is often nasty. But I have learned to enjoy the small things. I pay attention to and enjoy the wonders of nature. Low tuned music is also a source of joy. If low mood emerges and I want to go for a walk or do other things the body is not capable of, then the body can answer: No, I’m not able to do that.

But I can look out at the trees. I play my favourite jazz music and dance in my mind.

Then I go for a walk. Even though it’s been many years since I physically have done that, I imagine details in hiking trails.

My best tool is simply to let go of the body and let my mind wander, completely relaxed. In good moments I can let in some of what used to be my life. For example by reading an article in the disciplines I worked within.

Are you considering taking the LP course? I understand your despair. That you, like me, will throw yourself at anything that can provide some hope. But don’t do it! You won’t get better. You can get worse.

After the follow-up course, I got really angry with myself. I had thrown energy and money in the bin. Now I’ve put that behind me. But don’t do what I did. None of us will recover by a ‘miracle’.