Lisbeth E. Løwer

I was sick for several years due to various infections, among others mononucleosis. In addition I’d had a couple of surgical procedures when I got an allergy shot on the 30th March of 2007. This sent me into a “sleeping beauty” state, a kind of coma-like condition that lasted for about half a year. I was assessed for all kinds of diseases, both physiological and psychological, that could explain the condition. This resulted in a specialist giving me the diagnosis ME G.93.3 in 2008.

At that time I was severely ill and a nurse patient most of the time. I read about LP in the media and people recommended it to me, so I took the course in Oslo in 2008.

The course itself I experienced almost as a religious ceremony, like others describe it as brainwashing. The only thing missing was “halleluja” and everyone rising from the dead. If I just wanted to, and was willing to change my thought patterns, I’d get completely well.

After the course I collapsed completely and got worse than ever.

Later I received some medical treatment which has made me a bit better, but I am still very ill.

The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV) has recommended Lightning Process to me, later on. When I told them what LP had done to me, I heard no more about it. It’s concerning that NAV and other agencies believe LP to be serious. This is detrimental to patients in need of medical treatment.

I would never recommend LP to anyone with ME. It’s absolutely not a method for sick people.

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Lightning Process is harmful to ME patients