R. B.

It pains me to admit that I too have participated on an LP course. One of the first to be held in Norway and with an English coach. Very nice lady…

There are admission requirements, and I failed at first admission. But I was willing to try everything, especially since Wyller recommended the course. It could be useful to learn techniques to reduce the level of stress that many of us struggle with, he said. So I changed my answers and got admitted to the course.

I was very ill, and my husband accompanied me. I recognise myself well in the others’ experiences of the course. I soon realised that my concerns were valid. But since I had paid over 17 000 NOK for the course, a stay at a hotel and had traveled half the country to show up, I chose to complete.

The course was for me incredibly demanding. It was not at all about reducing stress levels, breathing techniques and the like, as I had thought. I already had major problems with my thinking capacity, and on the course I pushed myself far beyond my limits. I took painkillers to keep myself going. It’s almost incredible that the coach didn’t see how much I was struggling. I was told to throw away my wheel chair, my bathrobes, everything from my sick room. I did not even have the energy to object.

I just got sicker from this thought activity and all the pressure that was expected of me as a participant. I just wanted to get home to my bed as soon as possible. During the long drive home, I repeated these sentences over and over. I was completely destroyed when I got home.

It took a long time to recover from this awful experience. A while later I got a call from the coach. She asked how I was. I gave her exactly my opinion.

I strongly advise against ME (G.93.3) patients signing up for an LP course. It can come with a great cost.