Siv Karlsen

I became ill in 1984 and received the diagnosis in 2002. I participated on an LP course around 2006-2007. I had heard about it from a friend who knew an LP coach.

I had a feeling this was complete rubbish. It took me a half hour to figure that out. They claimed you could recover just by stop making yourself sick.

Frankly I was rather angry and thought this must be one of the stupidest things I’ve tried and I’ve tried a lot. But I did as I was told and stepped on papers on the floor and said stop.

For 3 days I kept up with this nonsense, stepped around and tried not to do ME, whatever that was suppose to mean.

Then they tell you that it’s your own fault for having ME, because you’re doing ME. I became physically exhausted and unwell, and felt guilty because you would have to be pretty stupid when you’re making yourself ill.

But at the same time, I had a feeling that something was wrong. The whole thing seemed completely crazy.

So after the three days I turned my back on the whole of LP, got a complete aversion to it. But by then I had been doing it for 3 days, so got PEM.

When it comes to LP I want to say, rather spend the money on something sensible that will make you happy or is helpful in everyday life. LP benefits no one with a tough PHYSIOLOGICAL DISEASE. LP is complete nonsense.

And you risk getting sicker because you have to push yourself to do physical things, and they even make you think it’s your own fault that you’re sick.

So from me it’s STOP LP.