I became ill in 2012. Took an LP course in the autumn of 2018. The course was recommended to me by a health care worker and my aunt. I thought it was very expensive. 16 500 NOK for 3 days. But thought I had to give it a go as someone “recovered”.

I remember we had ME because we did ME.

We had to sign a paper that we would not do ME.

The course leader told us that it was the brain that drove us into the pit when we were having symptoms.

We just had to do the technique, and then we’d get energy.

I didn’t get energy when doing the technique, which the course leader thought was very strange.

A lot of the course was about placebo and how we could affect our lives.

I also remember that we were supposed to tell those around us that we had recovered. I never did. I though it was nonsense, but I thought I could improve and that I was in full health, it was just the brain driving in the old lane.

I used the method for about 6 weeks after the course and didn’t improve.

After a week with the method the course leader told me to do strength training.

I did 2 minutes with strength training for approximately 4 days. On the fifth day I crashed and lay in bed all day.

On the sixth day I continued with the method, but didn’t to strength training. LP didn’t work for me.

I think LP might help a few. But for most it won’t work. Some deteriorate.

I make sure not to do too much. Rationing out house work throughout the week. Rest when I need to.

I don’t recommend LP courses. Many people risk getting worse.