Interesting article

We have become aware of a (Norwegian) piece on the site, by FAFO-researchers Kielland and Grønningseter, titled “It’s not Lightning Process the ME-struck are afraid of – it’s NAV” (our translation). (NAV is the Norwegian public work and pensions authority.)

We might differ a little on whether that’s entirely true (we are a bit “afraid” of Lightning Process too), but the basic message of the piece is correct, namely that it’s pretty scary when the work and pensions authority put pressure on ME-patients to participate in a program that can be harmful. (We still maintain that the LP can be quite harmful in itself, which is amply documented on our site.) But a good, professional and supportive piece from these researchers. (use google translate if you want to read it)

What was an extra suprise for us is that is linked in their article. Thanks for this!