Anonymous man, 50

Many people are ashamed that they’ve been tricked into taking a course in LP.

In the autumn of 2007, there were many rumours about the Lightning Process (LP) in the Norwegian ME community.

So many said they’d recovered, that the Norwegian ME Association asked us to report.

A friend of mine said she’d tried LP in England and recovered from ME.

She kept secret what the “cure” entailed.

My parents, my girlfriend and even my GP encouraged me to give it a try, and I did.

It was a young, French lady in an ordinary house in London. She showed me a video of an English rugby player explaining that his wife had recovered. The instructor said all her clients had been healed.

I paid a large sum of money in cash.

The “treatment” itself was to stand on a grid. If you felt for instance pain or thought something negative, you had to shout “Stop!” and go to the right square. Eventually this would automatically happen inside your head. There was also a mantra to repeat over and over again within oneself, something about being a wonderful person.

The instructor talked about something based on one of my childhood memories – playing Robin Hood. She convinced me that I had actually recovered.

I’m very embarrassed about this, but I let myself be convinced that I had recovered. I called home and said I had recovered. But the next day I woke up in great pain, and realized I had been deceived. I wasn’t well at all.

My friend thought for several months that she was recovered, one could call London and get a “refill” of brainwash. I never did. But I’m still very embarrassed that I let myself be brainwashed for a day. LP is 100% scam and deception. It’s impossible to recover from a physical illness by using primitive brainwashing.