I got sick after mononucleosis in 2009 and was on an LP course in 2011-12.

I was recommended the course by a neighbour who had a daughter with ME.

I was 16 years old when I attended the course. I had a parent with me.

I was probably pretty neutral at first, but a little skeptical of the course beforehand. Felt I had been talked into it.

I remember being told to throw away everything that reminded me of the disease, especially clothes. Move around the furniture in the living room to mark a change.

That I was the one who made myself sick was also something I got hung up on, I felt like a failure.

I remember we learned the method.

Say stop with a specific “hand signal” – what do you want? A life you love or in the pit? – think of something that did me good and choose that “path”.

I tried to follow all the “rules” carefully for several months afterwards. Threw away the clothes I’d used when ill and moved around the furniture in the living room, as she said.

My health only got worse and worse. Finally, I understood the connection and stopped using the method.

It took many years until I was as before the LP course.

Now I’ve improved, since I listen to my body and understand my disease much better.

I think it’s scary that they’re allowed to continue with this course.

I had my self esteem shattered and felt unsuccessful since it didn’t work for me, no matter how hard I tried.

I felt being sick was my fault. It’s all very similar to a scam, really.