Maria Lukas

I got meningitis in the spring 2006.

After a long period of illness, many visits to doctors and specialists, there was talk about the possibility that it could be ME/CFS.

I heard about Lightning Process though an acquaintance. Little was known about the disease at this time. I was a therapist myself, and thought this might be interesting to try. I went to a course in England in 2007.

I started to have second thoughts already during the course. On how we were told not to have contact with each other, nor to talk to those we travelled with, my mother accompanied me, about what the course entailed.

The point of the course is to make you believe that you don’t have ME/CFS, but are doing ME/CFS. Thus, it becomes strangely logical to say at the end of the course that “I’m perfectly healthy”, which I did.

For several months I worked with the course material and the technique we had received.

After having ignored my body’s signals, I collapsed completely.

I had to quit my job and my studies altogether, and move home to my parents when I was too ill to take care of myself. I then got diagnosed by a specialist with ME according to the Canadian criteria.

Today I have good control of the disease. But it has taken a long time to get back to a level I was at before the LP course. I would never recommend anyone to take this course, and I would strongly discourage any ME patients from doing so.