Elisabeth Heide Grimsrud

I was diagnosed with ME by a specialist at Haukeland University Hospital and according to the Canadian criteria. I have now been ill for 18 years. Mononucleosis was the triggering factor.

Following advice from an acquaintance, I took an LP course in Oslo, 2008.

I was not approved the first time I had a conversation on the phone. I wasn’t “ready” enough and not motivated enough, and apparently had too many questions.

Next time I didn’t ask questions, and was then told I was motivated enough to participate.

My mother was accompanying me because I was very ill. She got many questions before she too was allowed to join. She herself is suffering from ME and also learned LP, and she also deteriorated a lot.

We were not allowed to tell others about the contents of the course, and we were not allowed to talk to the other participants. Due to a lot of pain, I had to rest my arm against my head. I was strictly told not to do so, as I would ruin the motivation of other participants.

I also learned that I “do” headaches and that I “do” ME.

I have gotten much worse after the LP course and felt a lot of shame and guilt for a long time afterwards. LP is advanced brainwashing. I would absolutely not recommend anyone with ME to do the Lightning Process.