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Crowdfunding for Dr. David Tuller’s work

Dr. David Tuller, senior fellow at Berkeley, has been instrumental in addressing some of the bad science done by “ME/CFS-deniers” in the past years. Much of the ME/CFS-community is extremely thankful for the efforts he has put in, and continues to put in, to forward the cause of addressing bad science on this topic. There […]


A big thank you to “Adam”, who has shared his story with us!

English section updated

Almost all stories have now been translated to English and added to the site. We are still missing a couple of uploads and a couple of translations, but aside from this, the stories section is now more or less complete. We owe our hardworking translator, and the proofreader, a great deal of thanks for making […]

Interesting article

We have become aware of a (Norwegian) piece on the site, by FAFO-researchers Kielland and Grønningseter, titled “It’s not Lightning Process the ME-struck are afraid of – it’s NAV” (our translation). (NAV is the Norwegian public work and pensions authority.) We might differ a little on whether that’s entirely true (we are a bit […]

About sharing this site

To those of you helping out with putting light on these stories to make the public aware of what’s happening – thank you so much! We see on the site statistics that the vast majority of references are from Facebook-posts (though we can’t se which posts). Second, a good part are from Twitter, and after […]

2,000 visitors

Since the start of the page, we have had 2,000 visitors altogether, and a display of 14,000 pageviews. We appreciate the interest, and every single visitor who gets to learn more about the material presented on this page. Please keep sharing in all relevant venues. A big thanks to all of you who are helping […]


We’re constantly improving on the English site, as stories and material is translated. We now have the first 17 stories translated and published! We owe a great deal of thanks to our translating team, and also to those of you who have shared the stories! We hope the availability of some of this material will […]

English section

We have now put up a so far reduced English version of the site. A big thank you to our volunteers who are helping translate the page. You are currently on the English site. To switch to Norwegian, use the flag in the menu, or click here 🙂

Share your own story

If you have your own experiences with the Lightning Process, and wish to share your story here, you can use this form found under “contact”.