Category: LP-stories

Ingun Narmo

“These people offering LP-courses have covered themselves legally, and will get you if you reveal the scheme. That these people, with such a non-serious scheme, where you are held responsible for you own illness, are allowed to ravage an entire group of sick people, is incredible.”


“After approximately 6 months of doing the LP method, I was so ill that I couldn’t take it any more. I had to use a walker to get to the bathroom. I needed help with everything.”

Elisabeth Heide Grimsrud

“I have gotten much worse after the LP course and felt a lot of shame and guilt for a long time afterwards. LP is advanced brainwashing. I would absolutely not recommend anyone with ME to do the Lightning Process.”

Inger Torild Hansbråten Veseth

“I didn’t improve… but I didn’t deteriorate either (because I didn’t completely overrun the signals from my body). I still often crash because I’m not able to pace well enough in my everyday life.”

Wenche Abrahamsen

“There were questions from participants regarding how they responded to criticism from the Norwegian ME Association. The course leader answered that the ME Association had done enormous damage to CFS/ME-patients. She ridiculed the association and said they focused on sickness – it’s impossible to get well then.”

Kjersti Holst

“I thought that if I got well, and it had cost me 15,000 NOK, the money would not matter. To get well again would be a miracle.”

Monica Reppen

“We had to sign that the process had worked, and to not tell about the method to others. I did not receive a copy of this. I got much worse after the course, and now I am housebound.”

Camilla, 43

“During my last conversation with her, when I was still struggling, I was told: “You just don’t want to get better, do you?”

Maria Lukas

“The point of the course is to make you believe that you don’t have ME/CFS, but are doing ME/CFS. Thus, it becomes strangely logical to say at the end of the course that “I’m perfectly healthy”, which I did.”