Privacy Policy

We store anonymized user data to see how many people have visited the site, and to see where people have clicked on here.

Our site anonymizes user data (masking) so that we can’t identify the individual user. This is GDPR-compliant, as the GDPR is not applicable to anonymized data.

The site uses necessary cookies for the basic functionality of the site. This is configuration which is stored in your browser, which helps your visit work, and is information that we do not store centrally.

We do not employ third-party or advertising-cookies, nor any forms of tracking (which is why there are not elective opt-ins of cookies, as on quite a few other pages, as we only use the cookies you can normally not opt out of)

Individuals who have put their stories on the site can contact us at any given time, to have this information removed. We do not store any data which is not shown on the site, in connection to these stories. (except for contact information to the individuals concerned)

In brief, we do not store any data which can be used to identify you nor your behavior on the web.

If you have any questions or comments to these remarks, you can use our contact form to get in touch.