We have a more wide resources-page on the Norwegian version of the site, but here are some of the highlights which can be useful in an English-speaking context. This page is work in progress, and will be updated as we get more material.


An anonymous Norwegian ME-patient has produced a stellar presentation of what’s going on in Norway, in relation to ME. They also enter discussions around Lightning Process and Recovery Norway during the presentation.

The videos are in Norwegian, but have English subtitles, and are highly recommended for anyone interested in these matters.

We highly recommend these videos: ME-skandalen 1/2, ME-skandalen 2/2.


BuzzFeed article from 2017, describing Lightning Process:

Norwegian article: 13-yo attempated suicide after Lightning Process

Norwegian article: “Disputed ME-treatment gives hope” (article about Veronica who later becomes ill again)

Norwegian article: ME-sick Veronica (21) became ill again after trying the Lightning process: (2-3 years after)

The Facebook-group “Lightning Process – pwme with worsening or no effect”

This is a Norwegian group for people with ME/CFS, who have experienced worsening or lack of effect from the Lighting Process.

We have gotten a lot of the stories through this group, but are otherwise not affiliated.

David Tuller

Dr. David Tuller, ph.d., is an important figure in the ME/CFS-community, and amongst other things has a blog, where he deals with some of the academic issues in relation to ME/CFS, Lightning Process, Recovery Norway, research on the topics, and so on.

Selected items:

Tuller on Joan McParlands experience with the method: